Tuesday, September 18, 2018

~Honey Harvest # 2~

Hank chose Saturday as the Wright honey harvest, the girls talked about it all week long. 

At 7 a.m. Janie asked if she could put her bee suit on while she waited for Daddy to get back from the gym...when told he would not be home for a few hours she relented ha!

Hank has three hives this year. He added two to our previous two but we lost one during the winter at some point due to "blah blah blah". That is all I understood anyway😂

 I'm sure it was due to something that included big veterianian terms so I did not try to understand....
 we have bee hives and I'm allergic to bees so I think I get a bit of a pass on that one😇

I missed taking pictures of the three of them looking like astronauts in their bee suits!
I love that the girls enjoy doing this with their Dad...Madeline was flat out giddy and Janie was a non stop talking machine:)

They took turns doing what bee keepers do...I just laughed out loud at myself as I typed that since I don't have a clue what that big thingy is called or what they are doing. Next year I will record the girls explaining it to me...that will be entertaining for sure!

You can't tell from this picture but the bees are swarming around the hives....Hank assures me they won't sting me. My thoughts are always the same "whatever, not pushing my luck"
Goldbug was a brave one though and she did not get stung. 

Hank however, was not as lucky. One stung him under his watch to which he said, "It wasn't his fault, he was scared by the watch touching him" 😂

Every time I looked at M, she had her hands in her mouth! Don't you love that she still has bedhead hair in the afternoon? I love Saturdays.

Sweet Janie will always pose for me😊

After helping Daddy bottle the honey they continued on the job adding the stickers. They are much faster at this job than I am. In my older age I can't see the edges of the stickers well, let alone make my fingers pull apart tiny pieces of paper😎
This allowed them to work on their own haha!

Little fingers...good eyesight🙌

That's a bunch of honey! Hank thought he would not get as much as last year even though he has an extra hive, but those bees worked hard!

Sweet Janie wanted me to walk with her as she rode her scooter in the neighborhood. This girl's love language is one on one time. She thrives with a little bit of extra attention...I love her sweet heart!

That's it for our honey harvest day....until next year!🍯🐝

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