Sunday, August 12, 2018

~It's a Wrap~

Summer has come to a close with school starting tomorrow. We have fit in the last things of summer as much as we can.

We watched lots of shows...I finally got Hank to start watching Breaking Bad with me!
 whoop whoop! (along with my big ole doggie)

Janie finished up her swim season with a swim banquet. She was thrilled to dress up of course:)
She received the "most likely to ask to race a friend" award. The coaches were so creative coming up with fun awards for each of the kids.

she received her medals from the City meet.

all her coaches...they were wonderful to these kids!

we were able to watch John David's water polo tournament. He played last spring and continued through this summer. 

We are so new to this sport and don't understand half of what is happeningšŸ˜‚
John David explains to his old Mom after the games ha!

He has one more tournament in late August...lots of fun watching his new sport!!

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