Monday, August 13, 2018

~First Day of School~

Today was the first day of school for my younger kiddos...we were all excited:)!

John David is a Junior (oh my!)

Before he walked out the door I asked for a picture, thinking I'd hear the answer ,"no way",
I was happy to get an eating breakfast pic!!

Madeline is a 6th grader at a new campus for her. John David will be driving her every day whoop whoop!  I took her today since she was getting her badge for blazer.
she is so grown up and adorable

We walk up to the chapel and I snap this cute pic of Madeline and Carson...slowly I began to notice not one girl is wearing their red skirt. I'm starting to look around... thinking "um I think I misread or skimmed the Friday dress code for girls". I ask Carson, who is always in the know, and she lets me know that "yes, we are supposed to wear khaki skirts or pants for Friday dress"...sigh, I did not even buy a khaki skirt because the others are so much cuter:).

Yes, I am THAT Mom.

 I quickly asked a few teachers if it was a big deal that I'm that loser Mom and they assured me it was ok for this particular day..."we are all learning"...let's not forget that I already have a Junior at the same school. I did not remind any of the teachers of this fact! I'm quite confident they will never forget that I am THAT Mom anyway ha! Thankfully Madeline was chill and good about it, go figure.

proof of the fact that I am THAT Mom... red skirt in a sea of khaki and navy...
I hope the teachers recognize that the red skirt IS much cuter and change itšŸ˜‚

Honestly, it was all kind of funny to me once I knew Madeline was fine with it. Apparently, I am on this earth for one's entertainmentšŸ˜Ž