Sunday, July 8, 2018

~I Phone Dump~

The Fourth of July has come and gone:(
We spent the day hanging around the pool, eating lots of food, then heading to the fireworks.
Hank and I ended up being the only adults going, big kids moving on haha!

just last year these kids were twirling around in the field, now they take selfies:)

Carson texted me this pic😑, truth of growing up too quickly!

It was a sweet night!

On Friday I went to pick John David up from his last year at Camp Beartrack:(
They had the best time!

hanging out on the porch waiting on the parents.

John David receiving his award for "most self-controlled". Ha, obviously did not want his picture taken, can't blame me for trying:).

We try to take this picture every year. Goodness how they have grown into such awesome young men!

They sure were sweet letting the Moms take their pics😊
John David may go back next year as a Counselor in Training. I love the fact that these boys who love their phones and video games spend two full weeks totally unplugged. JD said it was awesome!
I'm thankful these boys have great memories made!

Evie needed a summer hair cut...she looks so different!

and this peanut is always ready for the camera:)

Madeline was willing to be under water for this one haha, I can barely see her hair in the deep end:)

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