Thursday, July 5, 2018

~ Camps, Friends and Swim Team~

Sweet Caroline came to stay with us a week for Mengerie Farms Camp. She is a delight to have around here!!

I was so shocked to see Madeline riding this horse! She made her mind up that she could do it after being afraid of horses for years!

Look at that smile!!

Janie Jane is all about taking some horseback riding lessons now!

John David was able to go to Orlando to visit Colby and Levi, he had a blast of course!

Even a day at Disney

He came home on Friday and left early Sunday morning for Camp Beartrack with his buddies. This looks like a bunch of boys who are not thrilled with a parent taking their pics ha!! I'm thankful I got one:)

I've been stalking the bunk pics and grabbed a few:) He will not be happy😂#dontcare

these are all the rising Juniors last year as campers...can't believe it!

Not sure what they won....

Meanwhile back at home Janie was able to attend her first swim meet of the season...she was so excited as you can imagine, girlfriend loves to swim!

their relay did great!

finishing with another first place. 

JuJu was able to come see her and so was Gardner but I somehow missed getting a picture of them together😔

being silly girls

Ready for her last race of the night!
Our family loves to watch this girl swim. She is such a great sport getting first place or sixth, she is happy and having fun! 

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