Friday, June 1, 2018

~San Francisco/Napa Part One~

This is part one... seeing as I have a gazillion pictures I want to save! 
Hank and I took the original big kids and their spouses on a big ole adult only vacay...they refer to themselves as the OR's (originals) and the xtras (spouses) so our trip was called #xtrafamvacay.

It was the best! I don't get much if any one on one time with my big kids since life is still busy with little people so this was such a special treat for us. We had actual conversations...without being interrupted except when I went off on a tangent ha!

We met Gardner and Kendyl in Phoenix and the vacation began with....
Gardner and Kendyl made trip bracelets for us (instead of their usual hilarious Mother's Day gift...last year they gave me a cement garden step stone with their 27 years old😂😂) including our names and Napa...
Mine says Piddle and Hank's PopPop. And no, we are not grandparents yet, but they call us these names since I asked what they would call us some day when we do become grandparents. They claim they were pushed into choosing and will not back off these names haha, whatever!

Our first stop was San Francisco for two nights...

Gardner and Kendyl always put hotel robes on first thing😂

We stayed at Ghirardelli Square, it was an awesome place. We sat out on the terrace and enjoyed the view before we headed to our first dinner.

cornhole tourney

the gang minus Julianne, she must have been walking with me. One of the things I realized traveling with grown children is they still try to pull one over on you at all times, laughing hysterically as they do so. The picture before this one was way prettier but Gardner was flipping me off...he is so funny yeah right haha, just wait for all the pics with Allie's hand cut off😆

a perfect example, her sweet mama's hand on her shoulder so happy to have her kids with her and Allie slyly flips, once a punk always a punk😂

the kids stayed up late planning the next day. Chris drew a was spot on the real one...kinda

 On our first trolley ride
oh poor Allie is missing a hand again. Hank finally told her to stop😂

first up was the Painted Ladies from Full House. It was so fun exploring with the kids since Hank and I had never done this before. Wish the trucks weren't there but what are you gonna do?

the park was gorgeous

Next up China Town

 I love this place, it gives me a little piece of China! We went in search of the best sushi restaurant only to be turned away since....we still are not sure why seeing as there were plenty of tables...but we found an awesome Chinese restaurant later. 

On to Lombard Street or Lombardo or Lombardi as I kept calling it😴
Allie and Eric notice I'm taking their pic but not Hank ha!

the pic does not do justice to how steep it is

Lastly we hit the Pier.  We vistied the seals and facetimed the girls, they were so excited:). Everyone went back to hang until dinner but Allie, Eric and me. Allie is such an adventurous traveler, always ready to find something fun. We went through a mirror maze! It was really fun, a bit creepy at times but super cool. 

Whew that is enough for one day!! 

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