Friday, June 22, 2018

~Part 4...Napa/Sonoma~

Yay, finally wrapping our trip up!
On our last day the kids all rented a car and took off to see the sequoia trees about an hour from Napa

of course they sent all kinds of ridiculous pictures of their antics...

Itt has been so long since our trip that I had to copy pics from instagram😂

Bro shot

I love that these kids of mine enjoy each other so much!

Our first winery of the day was Peju. Hank and I both love Peju and the grounds are beautiful and then on to Silver Oaks!

a bit of wine tasting and hanging out

and laying down

we all thought we were very funny! Again Kendyl is playing such the wine lover with an empty glass in her hand haha! The weather was a perfect 74 degrees, just gorgeous.

THE originals...I can't even believe they are so grown up...and so responsible ha!!
I love these ages so much....I said that at every stage with these three, they are a treasure!

the awesome spouses who put up with the antics and add more of their own to the mix!! Love them each so much!

love this pic...sorry Chris, half your face is missing!

fam bracelet check at dinner that night ( I laughed out loud seeing Chris in the background:)
Notice Hank is missing his???? The kids bought him some Pappy what ever it is called...I think bourbon??? If you are missing your bracelet you are supposed to be penalized but since Hank provided the trip they thought he should be spoiled:).

Perfect last night dinner!!!

and can't finish without a pic of our roaring fire in our rooms at night...

super cool huh?😂

geez I thought Julianne was me! At least she is easily removing a block...I knocked the entire thing over the first block I removed😆

Super awesome trip with the bigs!! I hope we are able to have time like this again in a few years!!!

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