Saturday, June 30, 2018

~Life Lately~

I guess we can all say the days of summer fly by! I realized this morning I have not posted one picture from our summer activities. Summer takes me by surprise each year in that by the time I finally catch on to the new pace of life, it is halfway over 😎

 Grandaddy, my neice Alex and my sister in law Sarah visited one weekend. The girls adore Alex!

Madeline and her chickens! Speaking of chickens.....

I'd hate to be one of them on some days! The girls decided the chickens think it is fun to play in a dog crateπŸ˜‚, Hank thought they were playing so quietly and walked around the barn to find this...they were so proud...the chickens not so much!

Janie has decided she wants to join in on the fun of bee keeping so of course Daddy had to buy her a bee suit. She is totally loving it!

such a cute little nugget!

lots of time spent swimming with friends

And taking selfies at the pool. This pic cracks me up:)  I found 295 of the basically the same pic on my phone ha!

I was able to go on a girls trip to NYC and it was glorious and life giving to a Mom during the summer months:)! 
We arrived early in the day and hit some sample sales and then out to dinner.

 The next morning we walked to meet our guide for Sex in the City tour. I had an epic laugh out loud fall in front of the Plaza hotel....flat on my back, legs up in the air, with a dress on hahaha. I could not stop laughing picturing the thousands of people witnessing the graceful flash of my booty! 

The tour was entertaining as our guide was very funny and informative. We saw Christie Brinkley eating lunch as our bus passed a restaurant. The young adults behind me said "Who is Christie Brinkley?" sigh we are getting older!

I thought I had gotten out of the dumb fall unscathed until I stood up after a long lunch...and limped back to the hotel.
Shawn gave me an advil, glass of wine and bag of ice...we questioned the advil with wine and decided "hmmm, think I'm good!" πŸ˜‚
We laughed about my debacle every day, thankfully I was ok and even wore heels that night since my foot felt better at that angle...who knew?????

 We saw Three Tall Women that evening after a race through Times Square since our driver misunderstood where we were going. Yes I hobbled on heels trying to keep up, always here for my peeps entertainment.

We were able to meet the cast, Glenda Jackson was very sweet and kind to us. She is a tiny woman, I am amazed by her ability to pull off her schedule at 82 years old. Laurie Metcalf was very kind as well.
We also saw Alec Baldwin leaving the show...he was not so kind haha!

After dinner we decided to take rickshaws back to the hotel since we could not find a taxi quickly...should have asked price before we left, $7 a minute or something crazy. We thought our "drivers" were being fun and entertaining as they stopped to take our pictures and drove in circles...they were adding time ha! It was worth it!

Paige's attempt at a selfie, I am easily entertained with myself!

Shawn's attempt πŸ˜…It was at this point the driver stopped to take our man!

the next morning...

the Metropolitan Museum

We then hit Soho for some more sample sales and lunch.

Pam, Dana and I went to see The Iceman Cometh with Denzel Washington that evening. It was so good. Hank is not into the Broadway scene so this was a chance for me to go and not feel bad for him!

Pam and Dana were determined to meet Denzel so we hightailed it out of the theatre to try to meet the cast! I'm telling you there was a crowd! Pam about got hurt by a girl determined to push us out of the way as we took a selfie with Clark Middleton (Hank is a fan of The Blacklist). Pam got the evil eye many times as she turned back around in her place. I whispered to her "she will take you down, don't look at her again":) This girl was some serious about meeting Denzel. 

Security came out a few times and then announced that Denzel would not be coming out. I think they were scared of our evil eye girl haha! In all seriousness, it was crowded and I believe they felt it was not safe for Denzel or the crowd.

We also met Jack McGee. Google him! He has been in tons of tv shows and spent time talking with us. This is his first Broadway show and he is loving it "late in his career". He said it is tiring but magical. He was so sweet to us. I think he had a crush on Pam!

The next morning Shawn texted me this while out on a walk with Dorree...

Dorree re-enacting my scene. She looks way more graceful than me. I still laugh out loud when I think about it!

Our flight was not until the afternoon so we had brunch at Tavern on the Green.

Our trip was truly so much fun....lots of laughter and memories shared with these sweet friends!

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