Sunday, May 6, 2018

~ These Two~

We brought Janie home a little over six years ago. Madeline had a difficult time adjusting to having a new baby sister and for the first two years their relationship was a bit touch and go. I grieved the fact that they were not super tight. Now don't get me wrong, we had some great days in which they were tight and played so well. 

Fast forward to the present...
they are the best of friends,
 Madeline does not want to do anything without Janie and be careful if you take advantage or are mean to Janie....Madeline will take you down! 
I am very thankful for their sisterhood!

We have started taking Evie on walks because Madeline has trained her to walk well on her leash...seriously, she walked her down our street bribing her with dog food...atta girl.
I was walking behind them and noticed they were holding hands, made my day!

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