Monday, May 21, 2018

~Sarah Jane Wright~

I am having a moment here with my Janie Jane
one of those moments you can crawl into bed, curl up in the fetal position and have that big hard cry...
 tears of gratitude, faith, trust, and seeing the holiness of God

This little peanut

with all her beauty


and overall cute factor....

was given the citizenship award for the second grade class this year...

this is what her classmates said about her...
all true

she was so surprised!
and happy:)

Madeline was so proud of her

Oh my sweet Janie I am so proud of you! One of her friend's moms texted me saying "I wanted to add Blake's comment to the paragraph that she is as kind as Jesus' heart, what a sweet girl"

Janie has such an empatthetic heart and loves Jesus as well.

 In moments like these I easily become overwhelmed by God's plan for Janie's life...a child that was left at a hospital because her parents were unable to care for her, was alone in that hospital without a mommy, then in an orphanage for 6 months, then with her precious foster mother for years, and finally to our family. All the while God had his hand on her, protecting her and using this simple person named Paige...waking me up at all hours of the night worried about this little girl we were sponsoring over in China. Those deep brown eyes and soulful look pieced this mom's heart and I could not step away. Janie, I want you to know how dearly loved and important you are, you were seen in your mother's womb and will be seen all of your days by a God who loves and cherishes you more than we even can...which is hard to imagine.

You are so very special to us my sweet girl and so deserve this award!

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