Friday, May 25, 2018

~Madeline Graduates 5th Grade!~

We had such a sweet morning with Madeline yesterday watching her graduate from 5th grade!
Back when she started St. Georges at three years old as a shy, timid, scared little girl I could not imagine her being able to accomplish what she has. We are very proud of her willingness to try new things and become so comfortable in her school.

I had to post all 3 pics because I love the bit of expression I can see...she is not in her comfort zone but did such a great job!

the few of our big crew that could make it on a weekday morning #realadultjobs

a few fellow second graders watching their siblings graduate!

Madeline's very first teacher in pre k was sweet Mrs. Lawo. She refered to Madeline at her class kitten. Upon entering the class Madeline would shyly go stand next to Mrs. Lawo to let her know she was here for the day, go put her things up, come back to her and lean into her, walk around the table and circling back to Mrs. Lawo's side and speak to her. She did this every single morning:). Mrs. Lawo was so precious to Madeline, giving her the space to figure out what she needed and loving her through it all. We adore her so much for working diligently with Madeline to help her feel comfortable in her new school and comfortable on stage🙌

Madeline adored Mrs Tate this year! She taught her science and social studies which are Madeline's favorite subjects. I'm sure sweet Mrs. Tate heard many a story about all our animals and of course our bees and honey!

Madeline we adore you and are so thankful you are thriving at school. You are even excited about moving up to the middle school next year! We are so thankful for you!

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