Friday, May 4, 2018

~Janie the Actress~

Little Janiebug has participated in her spring school play again this year...
she is all about some acting and drama in her is a perfect example of a text between Julianne and Caitlin (who is babysitting while Hank and I are out of town)

when Janie is tired, drama always ensues and a bit of humor added.

now on to her play:)

She played the mother pigeon in Alice and Wonderland
Who knew Alice in Wonderland seems to be about drug trippin...I have not payed much attention in the past but all the druggy things were apparent to me this time😂...thankfully all this goes right over kids heads, and most adults haha!

they performed two nights...

sweet Janie did such a great job with her lines adding a bit of dramatic flair:)

                                                                           and sass!

Mama pigeon with her babies ha!

some of her sweet cast members

Julianne and Chris were able to come see her the first night

these kiddos are all the second graders in the play, they all did such a great job!

Gardner and Kendyl came to town to surprise the girls and see the play, it was such a great treat to have a few days with them!

the rest of Janie's cheering crowd!

We are so proud of our JanieJane! She truly is in her element!
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