Sunday, April 15, 2018

~Rocks on Counter Tops~

Yes that is a rock on my kitchen island...not an ordinary thing on most islands but quite ordinary in my house. I was cleaning up afer church and laughed as I saw it telling Hank, "isn't it weird that I keep finding rocks on my counter?", all the while knowing where they all come from. The girls love to explore outside and collect all sorts of things and leave trails of their treasures around the house. Last week three chicken feathers lay on my guest bathroom counter for days...

Some days I become annoyed with the chaos and litter strewn about the house...but today, I laughed. 
I diligently try to enjoy the chaos but do not succeed most days. I like things tidy, yet that is impossible with one collector and one hoarder. I just laughed out loud because we truly say Madeline will make her millions when she takes over the Hoarders TV show:).

In all honesty I try to remind myself why the girls desire to keep these treasures that are worthless to me...but of great value to them. They have a deep sense of loss within their souls, so they choose things out in the yard that appear to be lost, lonely rocks, random feathers, broken twigs.... and give them a home on my counters. 

Psalms 68:6 "God sets the lonely in families,..."

I am thankful God set the lonely in my is hard work and I do not do it well on many days, yet I know the blessings are far greater than the work. I choose to see these random rocks on my counters as blessings as well....even if they are dirty ha!
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