Saturday, April 21, 2018

~Catch Up Time~

As I posted earlier Jeff's 56th birthday was a few weeks ago...My brother John sent me this pic of the two of them...they were so young! The sweet pup in John's lap is Baxter who lived to be 16 years old. Jeff and John loved to teach him to growl on command which is what they are most likely up to in this pic. They taught Baxter to growl into the phone... Jeff would hold the reciever up to Baxter's mouth as he ferociously growled at it and then walk away wagging his tail so proud of himself. If Jeff and John had tails they would have been wagging theirs as well! Jeff and John were the best of friends, truly brothers. Other than my worry for my children after Jeff's death, I worried for my little brother the most. These two had their own language and were so funny together. Sweet memories...

This pic is a milestone for sure. Sweet Madeline has loved her first lacrosse season. We are so proud of her for trying something new!!

this girl...too many words to share...she is a jewel

and a performer...she is singing to me as we watch Madeline's lacrosse game!

Madeline and Janie are cray cray...the water temps are probably 70 something but that did not stop these two! I believe they were both in a hot shower for appoximately forever...using as much water as is in that pool😅!

Madeline and I had a secret late night watching the Carbonaro Effect while Janie went to bed at their regular bedtime. Secret meaning Madeline and I snuck back downstairs while Janie thought Madeline was in bed as well 😲.  Madeline was so excited to have special time with Mom and Evie:)...I'm looking like I need to be in bed 😑...

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