Friday, March 30, 2018

~This and That~

Exactly what we have been up to....a little of this and that.

Allie and I had a shower for her best friend Katherine a few weekends ago...
Allie can throw a great party!
Katherine and Nick got engaged at a beer fest... so Allie planned tastings of beers around the world with barbeque, and it was St. Patrick's Day! It was so fun even for me who does not even like a beer!
I tried a few....still not a fan😬

Allie made these flags from around the world and marked each tub. I love the teeny glasses for tasting

These were Guinness cupcakes, as in Guinness beer. Did not taste like beer to me so I was able to devour one in seconds ha! 

I had to hijack pics from Katherine's instagram! Allie made these fliers to mark when the beer was tried. Whoever tasted all of them first won a pie:) 

The happy couple:)

Best friends since 2nd grade, Katherine is like another daughter to me!

And just for kicks....

Evie will high five feet as well as is so funny, she thinks we are normal since she does not know any better😂😂

and proof that Janie is not always all smiles, she can stick that lower lip out like nobody's business!!
She had dropped a gummy frog on the floor...apparently it was very important to her...I bought her another one for 25 cents and she was good to go!

Next up... I was able to pull this off with the help of Colby's awesome mom, Heather!!
John David's best friend Colby and his family moved to Orlando last August:( .We were able to see them during fall break and at Christmas but they were not planning to come home for Easter...I wanted to fly Colby here but sweet Heather decided to come on to see her family anyway, whoop whoop!

John David walked out to the pool from school for water polo practice and saw Colby and Levi across the deck. He did not even see me and Heather sitting there until he walked past and I said "Happy Birthday!" It was so fun. They are hanging out until Colby needs to see his family here in Memphis. He could just move in....just sayin:)

Next up is Carly...She is head of philanthropy for her sorority and
 planned a cornhole tourney  "Toss Away Hunger" benefiting our fight against hunger. 
She did such a great job! I took the girls and Carson to see her. They had fun getting their faces painted and goofing off at the campus.

after seeing all the tiger mascot statues around, Janie decided she needed to be a tiger:)

this is such an adorable picture!

I love Janie trying to see Carson haha!

next up we had to stop at each tiger and get pics:)

I believe Janie is checking out his sharp teeth ha!

Such a nice afternoon with these girls! We stopped at Gibson's donuts on the way back. I am not a big fan of donuts but Gibson's has the BEST red velvet doughnut. I ate mine before we even got out of the parking yummy!!

That's it for a bit! We are looking forward to celebrating Easter together (gonna miss Gardner and Kendyl like crazy though) and then celebrating  John David's 16th birthday on Monday:)

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