Friday, March 16, 2018

~Six Years!~

I'm a bit late writing about Janie's Family Day because SPRING home
and that means my cruise director (Madeline) has a list a mile long for all things that must be done, visited, eaten or played!

Roller skating on Janie's family day
I texted my friend Laura before we went asking her why she would not be joining me??
She sent me laughing emoji's since she has not been since we used to take the big kids every spring break over 20 years ago.....and yes that is a long time for this mom to still be going to the roller skating rink over spring break. But the rink is so much nicer than it was 25 years ago!

the next day was hours spent at the park...

and Wednesday was the zoo!

We celebrated Janie's family day on Sunday lunch with the bigs and all day Monday

Look at this peanut we adopted on March 12, 2012!

breaks my heart to see my girl so sad and scared, Hank is explaining to Madeline why Janie is so upset.

It did not take long for John David and Madeline to break her little guard down.

Look at that peanut laughing at John David!!!

Our first family picture

This is my favorite picture of her that day. We were at the infamous Walmart and she came alive!

She was so so excited about her new clothes and her bow. To this day she is a bundle of excitement when I clean out Madeline's closet haha!

We had been very nervous about her abitlity to even walk...joke was on us!

She had not been on a bike in her little life, hopped right on to try it out, no fear whatsoever!

I adore this picture!

This week we spent our time celebrating all things Janie!
She had to have fried mushrooms for lunch!

Osaka with the bigs

and opening gifts

We adore our Janie QingQing! She has a joy for life I never imagined. She is entertaining, funny, spunky, beautiful and has the most empathetic heart. Goodness we are so thankful God moved mountains to bring her home to us!

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