Wednesday, March 28, 2018

~Madeline's Fifth Grade Speech~

Yikes!! It really happened and she did such a wonderful job. I vividly remember watching John David give his 5th grade speech and wondering how in the world Madeline would be able to do her sppech in years to come. I could not imagine it. She does NOT like to be watched or to perform. Thankfully her pre school teacher Mrs. Lawo worked tirelessly to help Madeline overcome her fear of standing on a stage when she was a llittle tyke!
 Bless Mrs. Lawo. She compared Madeline to a kitten... 
At three years old Madeline would walk into her class, put her things away, come and stand by Mrs. Lawo, did not want anything other than an arm around her waist for a second....walked away for a minute, circled the chair, came back and leaned into her and allowing Mrs. Lawo to talk with her. This happened every single day the entire year. Hence the term kitten, it took her a bit to warm up to the idea of being at school...needing the security of knowing her teach loved and adored her without getting into her personal sweet! I'm so thankful for wonderful loving teachers at our school!
Every fifth grader is required to give a speech at some point during the school year. Madeline signed up for the end of March to give herself a bit of time. Each child is assigned a teacher or counselor to work with them on their chosen topic. Madeline was able to work with our school counselor Mrs. Knowles. They began to work on it back in February. Madeline's topic of choice was character. 
Mrs. Knowles taught her to take a deep breath as she turned each page so she could feel calm and speak more slowly. It was so cute as she took a deep breath each time she turned the page:)

goodness she is growing up so much!

Madeline's school buddy got to sit with our family

Mrs. Knowles introducing Madeline

I love how Madeline is looking directly at me:)

the fam that could make it at 8:00 a.m.

such joy on her little face!!

In bible study this morning our small group was discussing why oh why are we surprised when God shows up and answers prayers. It is like we pray but don't expect any answers??? Where oh where does my faith go??? Yesterday my Lord gave me this enormous answer to prayer for my girl. She handled herself with poise and confidence I did not know she had. It was truly a beautiful thing to watch. Oh how I love this child of mine. I am ashamed I doubt God so many minutes and hours of my life. This God who protected Madeline from death in a country with some cultural beliefs that are far from placing her perfectly in our family, equiping us to raise her and delighting us with a bit of vision into her future. Thank you Lord!

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