Tuesday, March 27, 2018

~How to "OLD PARENT"~

The struggle is real in parenting young children in your "well past middle age"...
remember I just realized I was past middle age seeing as I'm unlikely to live to 110 😂

Anyhow at 55 I still have children loosing teeth along with a belief in the tooth fairy. I have never been one of those creative Moms who sprinkles fairy dust etc...I just leave that money and take the tooth....and call it a day!

Janie lost her tooth the other evening when we were out to dinner. She of course was super excited about the tooth fairy's visit that evening, talking through all the scenarios of how much money she may be given....I'm just sayin, that tooth fairy gives a lot more money in 2018 than she did in 1993 when Allie lost her first tooth....I have been doing this a long time haha!

Hank and I crawled into bed tired that evening and I'm embarrassed to 8:55, more evidence of my less than spry life...
Suddenly I remembered the tooth fairy! Of course the tooth fairy has been forgotten numerous times in the past, like two weeks ago, and has left money stealthily during breakfast time....these kiddos think that is totally normal by the way😂

Anyway, I finally had a brilliant idea and texted John David to do the deed!
Here is the text exchange from our bed between John David and Hank (I believe I had already fallen asleep:)

I love this so much!! "Soldier" hahaha Hank is so funny!

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