Friday, February 2, 2018

~Janie's Birography Play~

The second graders at the kids school perform a biography play after they have read a biography of their choice. John David chose Benjamin Franklin, Madeline chose Princess Diana....
Janie was so excited that it was finallay her turn:)
she chose Helen Keller...
the kids give a one minute speech about their person and Janie was the first to give hers
she did such a great job, as I watched her on stage I was struck (as I usually am in these cases) how blessed we are to have her as our child. She is a joy (most of the time:) to raise. Her health is so good now which was not the case when she first came home. We are very thankful for this little peanut!!

sweet with the baby in a large family I did not even think about her costume until two days prior😐....thankfully upon seeing some pictures I decided a dress we had that Allie wore would work and I cut up and old pillow case for the sash haha! Desperate times call for desperate measures! She was thrilled:)

I don't have a pic of her saying her speech because I recorded it:)

the kids froze in place as others gave their speeches

each child made a picture of their person

She is such a special little girly!

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