Thursday, January 25, 2018

~Madeline is Eleven~

I know we all say it...but how can it be that my baby is eleven years old???
Madeline was placed in my arms ten years and three months ago...I have loved her long before she was born, as I prayed for the child God would give us. She has changed me more than any person or experience could. She opened my heart to more....

I am more courageous because of her
I trust God more because of her
I am open to a different life than I imagined because of her
I am a better person because of her

Above all else I thank God for blessing our family with Madeline Nian
born on January 22, 2007
named Bo Nian on Janurary 23, 2007
born into our hearts and family on November 5, 2007 as Madeline Nian Wright

Look how Janie loves a birthday and Madeline does not want me to take a pic haha!

I love how much Madeline loves her little sister!

 All things slime!

Goodness we love this girl!!

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