Wednesday, January 3, 2018

~Janie Time~

Janie and I flew to Columbus today for her yearly checkup tomorrow...
her highlight???
lunch of her choice and room service with a movie tonight :)

Tomorrow will be a quickie!! Three appointments in three hours and then flying home..
not expecting any big news healthwise since her health has been very stable 
whooop whoop to that!

soooooo many words were spoken she was worn out ha!

she wanted sushi and noodles so we googled and found this awesome authentic place...
it was so yummy!

We had to send this to Allie who is her sushi loving twin!

her entire spread, and yes she is finishing this for tonight:)

girlfriend was putting it away. 
As bored as we have gotten in the room today, because it is way too cold to venture out far, I have so enjoyed having this little cutie all by herself!

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