Saturday, December 16, 2017

~The Cray Before Christmas~

Only it has not really been that cray:)....busy but not too bad
John David had an out of town swim meet of which I did not take a single bad!
high school swim meets, Christmas programs, parties, parades and Santa visit...all done!!
now just to finish a bit of wrapping and plan our food. Our choices are a bit boring since all the kids love tradition so I can do it all in my sleep haha!

Christmas parade...and speaking about traditions, we took Carson with us last year so of course it would not be complete without her!

Hank and I trying to give our best "we are too old but we are cool with it" look ha

I think Janie is wanting that piece of candy under that boys shoe???

it was not long ago that they would have been jumping up and down seeing Santa!

John David was so sweet going with the girls...they were both nervous but excited and needed their brother with them:)

the 3rd and 5th graders have a Christmas program together each year, this year was a bit different in that it was a play. The kids did such a great job!

Christmas parties yesterday...

and I can't do a post without these two crazies....they have taken over my den!
Adding to the crazy, it is hard to see in this pic but Evie has a diaper on because she is in heatπŸ˜‘
Vets have changed it up a bit because studies show in large breeds allowing a female to go through one or two heat cycles prevents some sort of cancer and something about ligaments maybe?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hank is rolling his eyes reading this because I did not pay attention to exactly what it is, this is the uneducated filter of one who trusts her vet and does not even remember what he said, just that his opinion is best haha! I actually have been trying to talk Hank into breeding her in the I totally off my rocker???? Chime in if you have ever bred (is that even correct english) a dog!

Evie loves to take the girls to school with me each morning...she is deer hunting...if that window was down any more she would jump out to chase them...with a diaper on!! hahahaha...yeah, she just thinks she is all that!

can't believe this one is not on itπŸ˜‚

Merry Christmas!!

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