Friday, December 1, 2017

~Christmas Card Prep~

So my Christmas card will come out a bit late this year since we are now a normal family with a few kids that live out of state :(. We needed to wait until Thanksgiving weekend for Gardner and Kendyl. Allie, Gardner and Kendyl are the brains behind our funny pics. I think the theme this year is going to be so funny...

the brains figuring out who is who in the pre picture

obviously Janie gets into it ha

we all laughed so much!

Gardner talking Madeline through her "look"

shenanigans going on during the wait for each others pics

Carly can play some ball!

the last time we took our pic on the front porch was when Madeline was 3 and Goldbug was a puppy and none of the big kids were out of college.  Lots has changed since then. The only sad change is that Odie is no longer with us, look at that sweet doggie! I'm sure more changes are coming as they always do...loving all that comes with a big ole family!

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