Sunday, December 31, 2017

~Christmas 2017~

Okay now that I realize I posted #bestnine twice I guess I'll finally add my Christmas pics. I was so lazy with the camera this year as in I never lifted it....used my iphone and never even focused...I have to say I was actually in the moment this year and thoroughly enjoyed my time with our family!

First up was making Christmas cookies for Santa!

                      I survived the mess:)
The ONLY picture I have of Christmas eve with the Wells family. Carson and Janie had a performance so of course I got a pic of that!

awesome focusing skills on Mom's part...Carly is hiding and I think JD is just bored haha

Madeline is pumped about all her slime stuff haha

the whole fam minus Allie and Eric in our Christmas pj's...again awesome focusing on my part. Carly's brother Steve and his girlfriend Katie are now in on the Christmas pj's!:)

old man Gardner is still playing up the part of too big pj's😂
his first demonstration giving me a thumbs up ha!

Hank could not get up fast enough to put on his gift from Julianne and Chris


my gift from Gardner and Kendyl is priceless

a few games of all thumbs

who knew how hard it is to take out earrings without thumbs....😅

my goodness Janie is in love with her onsie!
Gardner is reading Janie's letter to him:)

the aftermath whoop whoop

Allie and Eric made it back in town in the afternoon and we celebrated again
this conversation was so funny to listen too as Gardner and Eric explained the ins and outs of her pokemon cards. I believe one of Eric's quotes was "throw that one away it is just obnoxious marketing material" hahaha

My New Years resolution will be to use my camera by next Christmas...iphones are just too easy😯

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