Saturday, November 25, 2017


This year was extra special since Ma Kitty, Grandpa Jim and Granddaddy came to visit!
Oh and of course Gardner and Kendyl are in town for the long weekend.

How did I not get pictures of the grand parents???
you know what I loved the best...was telling my mom to go sit down instead of helping me...
it is such a pleasure for me to get it all together as she enjoyed herself after all the years she worked so hard to make holidays special for us.  

In a family as large as ours I have learned that I can't get all caught up in making things look perfect, trust me I've tried and was miserable. I was thrilled that I got the table set haha!

I just took a few pics and am so sad I did not get more!

kids that were still home...Julianne and Chris were at his parents by the evening and Madeline had fallen asleep

cracks me cover pic for Janie's performance. Girlfriend is so so funny as she sings her made up songs, seriously we cry we laugh so hard!

Janie dressed Gardner up for his first day of Kindergarten

he is such a great big brother 
what happened to the days when I had my nice camera out and thought about things like lighting, composition etc??? Maybe that will be my New Years goal??? All I can say for myself is I at least got a few pics ha!

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