Thursday, November 16, 2017

~San Miguel De Allende~

This past weekend Hank and I went to our first ever destination wedding. Sweet Jacqueline worked for Hank during vet school and we have been friends with her parents for of course we could not miss this event and goodness was it an awesome event. I had never even heard of San Miguel De Allende. It is in centralish Mexico and such a treat. 

this was right outside our hotel, all the streets are just like this! When you enter a door you may enter a store or an entire hotel with gorgeous grounds.

our view at the rehearsal dinner on a roof top

I had to send Janie a picture of my fruit the next morning, she loves her some fruit! I have been to Mexico a few times on the coast and the food was good but not fabulous. Every single thing we ate was amazing.

just your normal Saturday in San Miguel

this gorgeous church is in the center of the town

goober selfie

this is the main square in the center of town

the wedding venue, so pretty

directly after the ceremony it is tradition to have a parade walking to the reception. Look how tiny Jacqueline looks next to the huge bride and groom?? haha

a stop along the way for a toast

it was such a treat to get away for the weekend and have an actual conversation haha!
I am so very thankful for this husband of mine!

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