Tuesday, November 7, 2017


It has been a bit crazy over the past few weeks as in Janie was quite sick for a little over a week and spent a few days in the hospital with pneumonia 😬 YIKES!
She is back to her happy entertaining self whoop whoop!

Her first day back to school was Halloween with parties and trick or treating so needless to say I let her sleep in the next morning so she would not relapse.

I got just a few Halloween pics...

Janie at her party

Madeline at her party

Madeline decided she wanted to dress like a Chinese girl since "I am a Chinese girl":) who can argue with that? Kennidi's mom said "you look beautiful" to which Madeline responded "you know I'm Chinese right?" hahaha so precious!

Janie of course had to dress the same. Madeline is putting make up on Janie...
Goldbug is bored:)

goodness they were so so cute getting ready!

Janie wanted me to take a pic of her by herself so she could text it to her teacher:)

part of the crew...check out Carson haha, so awesome!

counting and trading candy...
we were so thankful to be able to have our trick or treating crazy and that Janie felt so much better!
Now a week later she is even better... even the whining has ceased due to feeling better whoop whoop!
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