Friday, October 13, 2017

~I Love Horses~

True fact...I love horses
I asked Santa for a horse when I was 5, and for many years after that. I vividly remember jumping out of bed Christmas morning and looking out the window into the backyard to see if Santa brought my horse. Obviously he never did:) . As I grew up my mother always told me I could have a horse when she got a horse since she had always dreamed of one too. When Allie fell in love with horses I told her she could get a horse after I got mine, but I'm still waiting for Ma Kitty to get hers first ha!

All that to say that Hank signed us up for a trip with a group taking some veterinarians to Lexington Kentucky to tour a horse farm and watch the races at Keeneland. It was such a treat!

our first visit was to Winstar Farms...goodness there is a lot of money being made breeding horses is all I can say. They were all so very beautiful!

this horse was running around and snorting...our guide told us that he noticed a tractor outside and thinks he is about to be taken to a mare. He kept looking out his window and jumped around, such a beautiful creature!

Carpe Diem was my buddy, so so sweet!

Then on to Keeneland

I have never experienced this before and it was breathtaking!

We had a nice trip and I'm happy to be home with my peeps and my bed:)
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