Saturday, September 2, 2017

~The Great 2017 Honey Harvest~

I have to say first that I have the coolest husband,
 totally weird yet oh so cool
maybe even a bit dorky but pretty awesome as well. 

here is some evidence of dorky...

we have had so much fun laughing at his getup today. I think he had this on under his bee suit and never changed????
Old man dork exhibit #1
he is a great sport....every time we laughed, he did too:)

He and Madeline set off into the backyard this morning to harvest our honey for the first time.
   I really can't express how thankful I am that Madeline loves what her Daddy loves

running to show me her new find

this is the first egg one of our newest chickens laid today:)

the spinning contraption thingy that separates the honey from the comb??? I think???

Hank brought the frames down from the hives
dork exhibit #2

Madeline holding a frame with capped honey

Hank is uncapping the honey
dork exhibit #3

Madeline uncapping it too
dork exhibit #4

watching the honey strain through a filter cloth

everyone is interested in watching the honey come out of the centrifuge except Janie:)

Crazy exhibit #1

Janie now gets to uncap some honey

Hank is checking the specific gravity
I don't know what that means but that is what he told me he was doing:)

Madeline's first taste of honey...
think she ate about 2 pounds at least!

uncapped honey
who knew what that looks like???

Hank says "that's a nice  full frame capped honey..those little suckers can work"
referring to the bees....not his children hahaha

getting ready to bottle the honey

caught you Hanky
dork exhibit #5

quite the harvest.....6.2 gallons

the aftermath

I think she may finally be full😲

I teased Hank all day and he took my picture in my new pajamas and said, "I like your new Halloween costume.  You teased me all day and then changed into that.  Talk about dork exhibit" hahaha

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