Wednesday, September 13, 2017

~Life Lately~

I need to catch up a bit on life lately around here!

We have had some crazy good temps around here lately so the girls have been outside a lot

Janie is always up for a pic and Madeline obliged :)

Evie has been essential for Madeline's needs lately. The second we get home from school Madeline races to take Evie outside. 

Hank took me to a country concert on Friday night....if you know me at all I don't care much for country but went along for the fun of it anyway and it was so much fun!

this is the deleted pic I tried to take of us to prove I was at a country concert...

this is Hank's reaction to said pic hahaha

The next big surprise for our week was having Gardner and Kendyl home because of Irma!
They are driving back today and don't think they have much damage:)
we made a big day of it on Saturday, going to watch Janie cheer, out to eat lunch and on to the Germantown festival
Janie is entertaining us at lunch here because #duh

Two of John David's friends were in town too because of the hurricane and joined us for the day as well. It is always such a blessing to see Levi and Colby!

Winnie is well behaved enough to go to a festival....Madeline convinced her Daddy for some more puppy training for Evie and it is going well so far:)

a typical afternoon in the field next to our house!

the whole crew on Sunday whoop whoop!! Gardner and Janie are discussing their performance plan....
Janie is singing a birthday song for Kendyl! So very sweet!

I felt as Gardner helped me clean up and back up my computer the other day!!!hahaha
Thank you Gardner for always humoring your mother and not making fun of my inability to grasp all things or any things computer related!!😟😘

and last bit of news...
I'm not so good with knives while making dinner and trying to help with homework....
5 stiches later
ugh sometimes it is so annoying to be me!!
the good news is that I hopped in car with Hank and he sewed me up at the clinic...
we were back home in 45 minutes...major points having a veterinarian as a hubby!

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