Monday, August 7, 2017

~Gatlinburg Trip~

If you have followed along here long enough you know I am a "keeping it real" kind of person... 
I may not share all the goings on but I'm an open book as far as speaking the truth in a situation.

That being said we have not been willing to go on a family vacation this summer due to some medication changes for Madeline...
fear of her inability to face schedule change and what that can do to our family. 
She has done better than expected all summer so we decided to go visit the grandparents
.....whom we do not visit enough!!😔

I also say these things because most of our instagram lives look like all is happy happy happy
these upcoming pictures look happy yet it was one of the toughest days we have had with Madeline in quite some time.
We pushed through and had a very good weekend despite some tribulation
Carly, John David and Janie are the best brother and sisters ever and are always quick to forgive!

I only have pics from our hike to Rainbow Falls due to the crazy but it was such a great hike, long and hard but so gorgeous! Janie was such a trooper until the last 1/4 when she decided her feet did not work anymore😅

Ma Kitty and Grandpa Jim have moved to a smaller house so we stayed at the Buckhorn Inn in one of their cabins. It was so great with plenty of room. Breakfast was included each morning...Hank took this pic of Janie the first morning before she was really awake haha!

Rainbow Falls Trailhead

Carly and Janie are such great buddies. 

checking out the stream

Madeline got her brave on and wanted to climb up to the falls!

I made the girls get a pic with me! John David and Carly had already taken off up the rocks!

Janie's idea of a selfie😏

Janie was so adventurous and brave, she wanted to try it all!!
until the last 1/4 hahaha

such a gorgeous place!

Janie dances anywhere and everywhere...

the big kids took all sorts of shortcuts along the trail, Janie tagged along every single time!

next up was the roller coaster thingy
guess who could not wait???
guess who refused??? 

The next day I did not take one picture but Hank's dad, Granddaddy, and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Larry came up with their kids to spend the day with us. We ate at Ma Kitty's and hung out on the Little Pigeon River all afternoon. The kids tubed and played all afternoon, it was so nice and relaxing!

Such a great weekend catching up and hanging with family😊 

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