Saturday, May 20, 2017

~ Where Is The Flamingo Play?~

Well after writing about Janie's birthday and her love for flamingos after her play I realized I never posted about her Animal Play.....#badmom #wasthinkingaboutmyupcomingvacay

This was my last first grade animal play....and first that I actually got a bit saddened by that. Being an older Mom and having gone to lots and lots of first grade plays...I have not lamented my youngest getting older.....until that day:). It is not the same kind of sad I had with Julianne, seeing as I thought she was my last hahahahaha #jokesonme
But with Janie I think I have not gone there
 1. because I'm old 
2.  because I've learned that God may not be finished with me yet in the child department even though I think He is...
does that even make sense???

So I am starting to see her as my "last" and it is sad and wonderful at the same time haha!
I am enjoying seeing her as my last and relishing in the sweet moments of childhoold.

Janie with her friend Blake

the girls in her class

I love this pic so so much of my girl!

ok so on the vain side I looked through many filters to hide my wrinkles...sigh...the joys of getting older...I'm learning to embrace that I smile a lot haha ...oh and my nose looks bigger as I get older...what's up with that? 

Janie constantly looked over at us to make sure we were watching:)

she practiced so hard learning her lines and did a great job!!

all of these are a bit blurry but it's all I got!!
love this little actress of mine!!

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