Saturday, May 13, 2017


So two weeks upon our return I will finally finish our trip! Life got right back into full swing upon our arrival home....of course!! 

Napa was beautiful, the weather was perfect and the hotel quaint and gorgeous...
there is much to say for a trip that is planned and paid for by someone else
such a treat for Hank's hard work all year long!

driving into wine country

the grounds of the different wineries are so beautiful

our guide informed us that these trees are sycamores....who knew they can look like that???

I took lots of pics of weeping willows since the girls love them...we are still trying to talk Daddy into planting a few in our yard:)

I sent this pic to Allie to show her I was tasting her favorite Rose:)

our hotel...such pretty grounds

the only pic of the two of us in Napa...on this day we tagged along with a few of the sales reps and went to 2 awesome wineries....Peju is now our fave

Julianne sent us some pics from her weekend..
doodle standoff
look at poor Goldbug's expression...I think she is tired of these youngsters haha, she looks like she just gave up on life!!!

The Agricenter hosted The Lantern Festival so sweet Julianne took them. They loved loved loved it!

another funny pic sent to us:)
I am always nervous leaving the girls and especially this time since I have never been gone for this length of time. They did so great thanks to Caitlin and awesome big brothers and sisters! I have not experienced coming home rested like I did this trip! As all moms know it is stressful to get out of town in the first place so it takes about 3 or 4 days to even get to a place of rest. I came home rested...proved by my lack of stress upon reentering the crazy haha!

Within 4 days of my return I hosted Juliannes best friend Sara's bridal luncheon and it was such a treat!

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