Monday, May 1, 2017

Hawaii Catch Up

Now that we are headed home from Napa I'll catch up a bit!

do you recognize these mountains?? right across the street from the house we were in for a few nights...Jurrassic Park was filmed here and many other movies:)

and this was the view out the back of the view ever
that little island is called China Man's Hat:)

Next we headed to Waikiki beach for the meeting

our hotel grounds on Waikiki beach

our first morning in Honolulu  I went for a run....
of course I ended up running with a race haha
that is the 3rd time that has happened to me

my run view....just gorgeous

and of course this too
chickens are just part of my world apparently so had to share with the girls

the view from my chair on the beach....
early before it got too crowded!!!

more chickens on the way to tour the North Shore

gorgeous view on our way to the North Shore of which I did not get any pictures!!😖
not sure how I managed that!

One morning I walked to Diamond Head to hike....gorgeous view!!

this was heading back down from the viewing stands, super cool hike!

shows how steep it was...
Proof of too many steep climbs???
I am out of exercising for a while due to some pulled tendons around my ankles😭
can't complain though seeing as I did way too much on my trip hahaha!!!

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