Sunday, April 2, 2017

~John David is 15!!~

Happy Birthday John David!!

15 years ago God gave me the gift of another son...
in my wildest dreams I did not see this child coming
he is a blessing and a gift from God after years of suffering
around 5 years old he asked me if Jeff was his dad too since he heard us talking about another Daddy with the big kiddos
my response to him was "no but he would have adored you too"

We will never understand God's ways but his promises are true,
he will never leave or forsake us
and sometimes he gives us some extra on top...
that would be what He did for our family blessing us with him

My prayer for John David is that he will trust in the Lord above all things of this earth
We love this man/child dearly
Happy Birthday JD!!

he is so 15!!! 
I remember he would wait in his bed at 6:30 a.m. for me to bring his birthday breakfast in bed!
not anymore...9:30 was too early😂

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