Saturday, April 1, 2017

~Janie is a Star~

Janie participated in her very first we all know what a little actress she is not on a stage
so we were so excited to see her in a real play for a change:)
She was a "child" in My Son Pinocchio and loved every minute of it!
She did not complain once about how many practices she went to....we are paying for it this weekend hahaha since she is oh so tired from her hard work!

They performed the play for the students Thursday morning and for family and friends Thursday and Friday evenings....the reason she is tired😁

she looked for us the second she came out on so cute!!

I could not get rid of the glowing eyes but Janie and Brooklyn are just too cute together!!

Sweet Carly brought Janie flowers the first night and she was pumped to say the least!

we are so proud of our sweet Janie
apparently Hank and I dress like twinsies😥

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