Thursday, April 27, 2017


I have been a mom for 29 years and have a few vacations but not a hiatus
like lots of time to myself....really who ever does during motherhood??
well I have had a hiatus for the past 9 days and still have a few more to go😏

Hank had 2 meetings in a row in Hawaii and then Napa....yeah I'm serious!
we started out at a friend of his house on Oahu and then on to the meeting at Waikiki beach

So I'll start off with the first few days and catch up later:)

the view from Darin's house....crazy huh??

we hiked Koko Crater railway our first morning...if you think it looks daunting it is:)
I beat Hank's booty up to the top:)
he beat me down!

the last part was really steep!

gorgeous views

right after Koko Crater we went to Hanauma Bay....gorgeous

we brought our swim stuff and swam out to the first point and all around the coral

this is a close up of the point we swam out to
I so love that both Hank and I enjoy crazy swims together:)

Do you know what happens when given a hiatus after 29 years of mothering???
I did not mind just kind of  turned very little thought for a few days
it has been glorious and life giving to my soul
I love each of my children dearly and can't imagine not having any one of them... they each are so special in their own way..
I have gotten to sit back and dwell these past few days on each of them...what I find awesome about each one
on a daily basis my brain does not have the capacity to think in this way due to all the "stuff" swirling around in my mind...where I need to be next, who needs what, who have I not talked to, what needs to be done around the house, oh yeah I need to go to the grocery....just normal every day stuff.

This past week has been empty of "stuff" and it has given my heart and soul new life. I can't wait to hug each of my babies and appreciate all the awesome qualities in each one and not be hung up on what needs to be done next. I hope to be more present and STILL if that is even possible....
the sitllness I have felt in my soul this past week has been so relieving and needed...
I am thankful and rested...
I have a few more days here in Napa and will catch up with more pics soon:)
I need to nap haha

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