Thursday, March 30, 2017

Shenanigans with the Bigs

A few weeks ago Hank and I got to enjoy being with the big kids at my nephew Barton's wedding

I know super blurry but the only one that turned out😖😖

Julianne will always take pics with us...we can never find Allie and Gardner haha!

I can't leave out Evie!

She is 16 weeks old now.. She is a perfect puppy if there is such a thing!
She is very obedient and so very sweet. We are all in love😍

Saturday, March 25, 2017

~Loser Blogger Award~

Goes to me....
I have been so lame posting what is going on in our crazy
probably because it is always crazy ya think?
or I have gotten lazy about keeping up....😀

So first up is Spring break...we decided to take a long weekend to Fort Lauderdale so Hank and John David could fish while the girls enjoyed the beach one day aand take an air boat tour the next day in the Everglades! Madeline has been talking about the Everglades for years because of a book she read. Because of Madeline's needs she does much better if we travel to a place that interests her...and is short. She did so well and we really had an enjoyable time!

It was only 75 degrees but the girls jumped right in:)

M was on a mission for shells

these pics crack me up of Janie...we call her a bull in a china cabinet
she.never.stops.moving.or.talking hahaha

Hank and John David had a great time fishing

the next morning we went on the airboat tour, it was really cool!

we saw three alligators and lots of birds, our guide was very knowledgeable!

Janie "drove the boat" and loved it
Madeline did not want to but loved the tour:)

Madeline rarely wears her hair down and did our last night out to dinner
she let me take a few pics (sure wish I had my good camera!)

sweet girls
we had a nice trip
even John David did 
Carly could not come since her spring break was different but JD survived without his sidekick:)
We all missed her though!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happy FIFTH Family Day Janie!

This child of mine LIVES life...she is a force to be reckoned with! Oh how our family loves this child...she is a beauty, reckless, funny, endearing, sassy, confident, accepting, loving and a whole big bottle of energy! We love her fiercely!! Oh JanieJane we love you so much and are forever thankful our Lord led us to you!