Saturday, February 4, 2017

~Evie Lou Day~

Today was super exciting if you don't count the 7 hours of driving:)
We welcomed our Evie Lou home today...
She is 8 weeks old and oh so precious!
We originally told the girls that we were getting her in March so when we were told an earlier date we decided not to tell the girls and surprise them:)

Evie was very timid when I met her, like a lump haha
my goodness she is so sweet and cute!

the girls were very surprised to say the least!!
Evie never saw that coming haha

and yes the girls have pj's on during the middle of the day #dadwasincharge

Julianne came over to meet the newest addition....she is getting her own puppy in 2 weeks
also a goldendoodle!

her eyes!!!!

Goldbug checking her sister out!!

this pic scares me a bit....those paws are huge!!!
it was such a special day with a few over excited moments;)

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