Tuesday, January 17, 2017

~Aunt Mary Mayne~

My mother's older sister passed away last week
growing up our families spent a lot of time together
our grandparents had 11 grandchildren from their  3 daughters...
needless to say our grandparents house was the happening place on the weekends:)

My memories of my mother and her sisters are laughter...lots and lots and loud haha
Aunt Mary Mayne had a deep loud laugh, such a beautiful lady

Aunt Mary Mayne and Uncle Tommy
you can't tell from this picture but she had gorgeous red hair...her trademark:)

Hank and I traveled to Knoxville on Sunday to attend her funeral
(all by ourselves, glorious)
It is sad that it takes a funeral to bring loved ones together but that is exactly what happened
It has been 20 years since all 11 cousins have been together!!

here we are in all our glory lined up oldest to youngest:)

my brother and sisters....lined up youngest to oldest!

my Aunt's service was held in our church we attended during our early elementary years
this stained glass was given in honor of my grandparents

meanwhile back at home the girls were taken to the zoo by the best babysitter around, sweet Caitlin!

and then over in Auburn John David was swimming in a I was checking my app during the mornings and evening for his races:)

My sweet Aunt is resting in glory with Christ now and for that I am thankful
I am thankful for wonderful memories of her and time catching up with all my siblings and cousins. 
A blessed time for sure!

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