Monday, December 26, 2016

~Christmas Day~

Christmas day was uneventful and awesome...
unless you are Hank:( .....he got a stomach bug wah!
the plus is he slept most of the day and the majority of the fam stayed in our pj's

John David totally cracks me up in both pics....hardly awake haha

the yoga balls were a big hit

the crew helping get breakfast on the table

the rest of the day was spent being totally lazy
the best!

I am thankful for our big ole crazy family  and the joy of celebrating Christ's birth!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

~Christmas Eve Crazies~

Christmas Eve has come and quickly!!
All the kiddos are in town this year so it was extra special to have everyone together
and the Wells family joined us as usual
the perfect Christmas Eve

Allie and Julianne have pulled the wishbone any time we have a turkey since they were little girls!

and Allie ALWAYS wins...look at Julianne's face hahaha

poor JuJu

Carly is Janie's best buddy since she has been home from school:)

I have to post all the pics of the kids because....JACOB AND TYLER
total entertainment!

I'm pretty certain Madeline is telling on them now!!:(

Janie was not in to getting a pic with her sister!

a bit better as long as they are not touching haha

pj time!


Madeline approved this year!!! whoo hoooo

she was not feelin the super hero theme last year haha

Janie read Twas the Night Before Christmas...turning the book so her audience can see the pics:)
She also helped Julianne read about Christ's birth in Luke, she is becoming such a good little reader

the evening ended with the usual antics

just the bigs in their pj's
crazy peeps:)

Friday, December 23, 2016

~Christmas Shenanigans~

making cookies

and more cookies

eating out too much

seeing our new 2 week old puppy!!!!

too many sun rises to count

and lots of movies!!!

we are ready for Christmas:)

Monday, December 19, 2016

~My Chickens by Janie Wright~

Janie wrote an article for her grade newsletter (with the help of her teacher:)
It is so so adorable!

I love that she says I laugh a lot instead of remembering when I yell lol!!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

~ The Forgotten Blog Post~

I was going through my pictures the other day and realized I never posted Janie's cheerleading competition....yikes cause it was adorable!

Brooklyn and Janie

Watching the big cheerleaders perform

Looking for Mom:)



girlfriend can DO a toe touch!


checking out her trophy for best dance

precious girls!

Janie loved her coaches Rachel and Maddie...
the week after she informed me that she wants to go to Houston High School to cheer:)

of course JuJu came

she is proud of her stash

bad iphone pic but I love the look on her face! Her name was being announced....
I believe Janie will have some cheerleading years ahead of her:)