Saturday, November 26, 2016

~Thanksgiving 2016~

In my do-over life I will be prepared haha
like remember to take pictures on Thanksgiving kind of prepared
I did not take one picture

oh how I still love bitmojis and love to annoy my kids with them:)

We had such a nice Thanksgiving
 Granddaddy came to visit and the girls were precious
what more can a Mom ask for!

After the crazy of getting everthing ready
I actually sat around all afternoon watching games and playing headbands
and enjoying my peeps
and agreeing to go with John David and Carly to Target at 6:00 on the dot
oh wait I do have a pic of that hahaha

that would be me in line in Target with my houseshoes on...
cracks me up that they match my sweater
John David was obsessed with a TV that was on sale and had enough money so what is a mom to do but take him...
trust me there were more entertaining people than me haha

this is the only pic I took at home
Goldbug sporting a manbun
except she is a girl so I guess it would just be called a bun but that is boring!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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