Thursday, November 17, 2016


Goodness I have gotten behind again due to the harsh reality that days just keep slipping by
I start each week with a plan in mind and apparently it never goes that way haha
~some days I laugh it off and some I just roll my eyes~

Ok so Halloween was enjoyed again!
we took our redneck trailer pulled by the tractor around the neighborhood as usual
this year I was not on my A game and got very few pictures
~I think I sat back and enjoyed all that was going on around me instead of trying to snap pics~
thankfully other moms were on their A game and sent me pics!

the weekend before Halloween we had a reunion of sorts with John David's friends and their families
we used to go out to Tom's farm every year from kindergarten on and had not for the past few years...
they may be older but they still love it:)

Janie was Little Red Riding Hood and Tyler just happened to be a wolf haha

our crew trying to leave the house

this sweet police officer gave all the kids candy:)

the sorting/counting aftermath

and just because I love this more than words.........


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