Sunday, October 30, 2016

It's Been a Flurry of Activity~

Goodness we are crazy busy like everyone else on the planet
Janie had her recheck in Ohio on Thursday so we were gone for 28 hours ha

we got up bright and early and headed to the hospital for xrays and post op check up.
Janie was so nervous poor baby. I was taught how to administer her flush so she had to endure a bit of the unknown and discomfort. She was so very brave.

so of course I was talked into a friend for her owl:)

she buckled them in the rental car...

by 5:30 we were at Ridgeway for their Halloween party she thought she was going to miss:)
we were able to get on stand by for earlier flights
it's the little things that can make your entire day right???

we met up with Madeline and Mary Porter
I wonder if Madeline will ever not want to be an animal for Halloween...
my guess is NO:)
maybe I can talk her into being a chicken next year???

Janie was so excited to be able to hang with these girls:)

and last but not least Janie had her last cheer game on Saturday
girlfriend is all about cheering
She has a "big" competition coming up next weekend so that is going to be a blast to watch!

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