Friday, October 21, 2016


As I cleaned my kitchen this morning I notitced the significance of my view...
Madeline's medication holder lay behind my little wooden reminder that God Keeps His Promises
see the rocks to the side??
they are both heart shaped 
Madeline wrote "from Madeline I love you to Mom" on the large one
she gave this to me after a particularly rough day
she was sad and I was sad
 it was the first time she came to me after a long battle...broken and sad about her behavior
I believe I was broken and sad about my behavior as well
this rock will always remain on my counter along with my little wooden reminder...
yes... God does keep his promises
He keeps these promises on hard days and on quiet days
in the peace and in the mess

we have had some peaceful days around here regarding Madeline and for that I am thankful
I see her precious heart learning that all sins are forgiven
hers and mine
I know the mess will continue to come but I trust God will continue to keep His Promises
He will never leave us or forsake us
in all our mess and brokeness

and goodness has God kept His promise to equip us in His calling
look at this ridiculous peanut!!

don't most kids watch tv upside down????? hahaha

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