Saturday, October 8, 2016

~A Life~

this picture represents a life
three roses peeking out the middle of an azaela bush...
this rose plant was given to me after I miscarried a precious child
many years ago ( 12 to be exact)

I was watering my ferns the other day and noticed these blooms 
~the azaela bush has been crowding it out for years~ 
 I've never had the heart to to pull up this weak little bush and all it represents
I doubt anyone in our family even knows the significance this bush has for me...

I gazed at those blooms and thought about what that child did for our family
the loss of him/her was felt strongly....and lead us all the way to China
two times and a yes to Carly

As I thought about the loss of this child I realized we most likely would not have listened to God's call to open our lives to orphans if we had not lost first
sometimes God uses our brokeness to move us forward to Him and to more
our more ended up coming in the form of 3 orphans

I stood on my porch and thought about how "normal" our lives would have been if this child had been born to us...
would we have turned deaf ears to God's call????
I don't know...
but I do know that He has blessed us immeasurably more after loss
He has taught me that this life on earth is not about me
not about my family
not about easy
it is about Him
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