Thursday, October 6, 2016

~A Day In The Life~

John David is on a plane right himself...yikes
he is going to visit his bff JP in New York!
I am so excited for both of them
they have been friends since 2nd grade and continue to get together since JP moved after 5th grade

We, of course, had some shenanigans this morning at the airport...
why you may ask???
enough said

I had to sneak a pic of this! All the momma's of teenagers will attest to the fact that this made my day! I immediately laughed when the attendant gave JD this lanyard to wear around his neck. I know life's most embarrassing moment for a teenager! He is an unaccompanied minor so I encouraged him that he will never again see the people that stare at him today:)

a simple walk to Starbucks cannot be simple in our family...

I think the gentleman in the background thinks I'm an unfit mom..
he keeps trying not to watch but just can't help himself!!

Janie had to show Daddy that she is using her gift certificate he gave her..
the scarf you may be wondering about??? Madeline acted as Janie's wedding attendent helping her rearrange it all morning...these two!!!

John David is trying to ignore his sisters...
he did ask why they had to come once or twice hahaha
my answer
I would not have but it is against the law to leave them at home alone:)
Can't you imagine what they could get into during a 2 hour period by themselves???

most 7 years olds sit on your feet right????

Maid of Honor Madeline rearranged Janie's scarf again hahaha

I have to say she is adorable:)
and if you can't tell by all these crazy pics she is feeling so much better:)

Ecclesiastes 3:1
To everything there is a season, a time to every purpose under the heaven

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