Wednesday, September 28, 2016

~Successful Surgery :)

I am very thankful to say Janie had a successful surgery yesterday! She was a bit slow coming out of recovery due to pain but her pain was managed well yesterday and going great this morning. The team mentioned possibly going back to the hotel late this afternoon....WHOOP WHOOP:)! 

I'm waiting for xray but if all looks good we will be able to head home late tomorrow afternoon:)

She is a bit weepy after her first flush but that is to be expected....all new and took a bit longer today....tomorrow is a new day:)

waiting for our first flight

crazy girlfriend sending a "smile" for Daddy

she was so excited for her first food of the day after surgery:)

She wanted me to go to the gift shop and take pictures of all the stuffed animals
this is one of the 8 pictures I took haha
she sent me back to buy the pink seal of course:)

finally crashed late in the afternoon

while Madeline caught chickens at home ha!

she had a good night and woke up with smiles to send to Daddy:)

I am very thankful for success so far....praying that Janie's anxiety will lessen and she will love her new freedom soon!

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