Monday, September 12, 2016

~San Francisco....Alcatraz Swim # 3~

Hank and I left Memphis bright and early Friday morning for San Francisco
we were both feeling the need for some down time with each other
thanks to all the big kiddos at home they held the fort down with the little's!
yes, we will owe them big some day!

For this trip I found an Airbnb a few blocks from the wharf and it was awesome..
we like to stay close to Aquatic Park so we can walk to the race start

view of Alcatraz from our balcony...amazing

night view

each year we go to an informational meeting to get our race packet and info on currents
this is a pic of the plan...
this year the ferry dropped us at the west side of Alcatraz as opposed to East so the swim was a bit shorter.....guess they heard we are older:)

the swim course

checking in bright and early the next morning

waiting for the sun to rise
right before we were about to walk to the pier Hank realized he left his goggles at the apartment
glad it was him and not me, I would have cried
He ran flip flops!
so he did a biathalon that morning

it was colder and rougher this year or maybe we forgot how cold and rough it can be:)
as I swam across that bay I thanked God that I get to do this
life could be very different for any of us...I am thankful for our health for sure!!

after the race we stood in line for an hour and a half for Mama's breakfast
worth the wait!!!

that evening we met a veterinarian friend of Hanks and had a nice dinner at Pier 39

the man we rented the apartment from is a former hippie and awesome host
our view from the bottom, we were staying at the top.

the next morning we went for jog by the bay
a half marathon was taking place

this is the only way I'll ever participate in a half ha
kind of fun having people cheer you along on you 4 mile run lol

our last stop was to Cliff House restaurant last night
I went there over 20 years ago and it has been totally rebuilt
lots and lots of history!!

We are on our way home now rested and relaxed
loved the time with my hubby:)

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