Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I've Been "MawMaw'd"

As an older Mom to my children I have dreaded the
"are they your grandchildren?" question

I have been lucky enough to pull it off so far 
until Sunday...

the girls and I are in the grocery
they are bouncing around asking me 500 questions
(okay an exaggeration...100 for sure)
I am checking out and the worker asks "ohhhh are they your grandchildren?"

In the span of 2 seconds I thought
feeling sorry for her
feeling relief that it was over, IT had happened
so I laughed and said "no they are all mine"

Now in my defense I'd like to blame it on two things

1. I was being really patient with the girls like a Grandma does
 (I rarely have to take them to the grocery since I go on weekends or when they are in school so it is easy to be patient when you  don't have to experience that crazy all the time)

2. the worker was like all of 17, don't we all look old to kids that age?????

Bottom line....
I've been MawMaw'd!
haha just calling it that makes me laugh!!!
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